Entry and registration

Entry & registration

Who can take part?

ein&zwanzig is the competition for design students and graduates who finished their studies no more than three years prior to registration. Individuals and groups of up to three people may register, whereby all group members must satisfy the specified conditions.

What kind of works can be entered?

Products from the areas of furniture, home accessories, lights, flooring, wallpaper, textiles and lifestyle can be submitted. The works should not be more than one year old and they should not be available on the market. The prize-winning works must be available for the exhibition in Milan as a 1:1 model or a prototype.

How are entries submitted?

Entries for the competition are to be made online in the MyDesignCouncil system. As well as information about the product, up to three printable images for each product must be uploaded. If a piece of work is given an award, we will require a 1:1 model of the product from February 20th, 2019. The designer must be personally present in Milan (from April 7th until 11th, 2019).
The registration phase for ein&zwanzig 2019 is over.

Announcement documents

Which criteria will be assessed?

The work submitted will be assessed based on the following criteria, whereby the jury reserves the right to determine their weighting: overall design, autonomy of the design, originality, conceptual and visionary quality, functionality, quality of use, design and presentation quality.

Who will go to Milan?

The jury will determine who will go to Milan in two phases. An initial shortlist will be created from all the entries and posted on the website from the middle of February. In the second phase, twenty products from the shortlist will be honoured as “Winners” and one as the “Best of Best”, and their designers will be invited to the exhibition in Milan.

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